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21 December 2007 @ 10:38 pm
School Rules  
1. Respectable manners exhibited at all times, especially when dealing with others.
2. Observe curfew at midnight, which is to be back in their designated room.
3. Outside guests (those not living in the dormitories) should be escorted off campus by curfew.
4. Be respectful to campus property and the property of others; if found vandalizing, the student will be responsible for the replacement or clean-up of the damaged material.
5. If the House Leadership Committee feels any reason a student should be examined, faculty will cross-examine the student for any rule-breaking.
6. If any rule-breaking occurs, the student or students involved will be expected to go through any punishment and points will be docked from the House. With multiple rule-breaking, the student will face expulsion from the institution.