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16 January 2008 @ 07:50 am
[THREAD] Yanagi, et al.  
Characters: Open to anyone
Date: Wednesday, Jan. 16th, afternoon.
Where: Library.
Rating: PG
Summary: First meeting for the study session Yanagi proposed.

Yanagi nodded to the librarian at the counter and walked past her, heading for one of the small rooms that the lined the library in the back - rooms provided for peaceful study or for the times when the teachers assigned group projects and the only feasible place to meet was the library. They were nearly sound proof, and would make it easier to hold a study session without the interruption of other students or teachers.

He wasn't sure how many people would actually arrive, or if others who had yet to comment on his entry would show up for the study session. And as that one - Atobe, if he remembered correctly, had pointed out that they were in differnt classes, which could complicate matters.

But a study session was never a bad thing, and it would give them an opportunity to interact more with their peers.

(everyone is welcome to participate. I thought a thread log would be the easiest thing for this.)
yanagi renjidata_mastery on January 22nd, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
"I apologize," Yanagi said, looking up from his the notebook he had been hastily jotting a few notes down in and shoving it back into his book bag. "I believe we will be the only ones showing up for now - a small group is probably for the best. Are we all acquainted with each other?"

It wasn't hard to learn the names of the people in your classes, or of those who lived on your floor, at least for those who did pay attention to things, but he wanted to over the opportunity for all of them to introduce themselves, if necessary.

He glanced over the small group gathered in the library, not surprised that only a small bunch had shown up - studying probably wasn't an important part of the day for many of the students, and anything connected to it would automatically be scorned. And he had a feeling that only a few of them had shown up for actually studying - it seemed more of a reason to get to know people.